In partnership with Carriage House Birth and the Empowered Birth Project, Toronto intimates company Knix is revealing a new project that brings light to women’s birth and postpartum journey.

Opening in Toronto on Wednesday, the Life After Birth Project is a travelling gallery highlighting women’s stories that honour their transformative birthing experiences. Featuring work from lifestyle photographer Genevieve Charbonneau, the exhibit features stories from 250 women who boldly shared their stories after giving birth, including celebrities Amy Schumer, Jemima Kirke, Jillian Harris and Ricki Lake, as well as the CEO of Knix, Joanna Griffiths.

Knix CEO, Joanna Griffiths, posing with photography from Genevieve Charbonneau

The gallery focuses on rare-sighted depictions of postpartum bodies – with mothers caring for their babies or posing alone, showing their stretch marks, scars, or loose skin. In an interview with Refinery29, Joanna a new message for moms: “You are perfect as you, you are supported, and you are seen.”

The launch of the Life After Birth project tour arrived in tandem with the release of Knix’s Leakproof Nursing Bra and maternity collection. The gallery will be open to the Toronto public at 630 Queen St West from September 18th to the 25th.

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More so than ever before, food photography has become an immensely popular trend found across social media, from amateurs to seasoned professionals alike. Common Instagram trends range from selfies with giant ice cream cones to carefully positioned flatlays of restaurant dishes. Food has always been something that brings people together, and now with the Internet, you can at least share an image of it.

However, while individuals can get away with iPhone photos, to stand out as a food business you must make sure the food you are offering is photographed by a professional. While taste is the idea that attracts consumers, proper expression of that taste in a visual format (e.g. the butter on a lobster, the freshness of a tomato) is highly influential and grabs peoples’ attention within seconds. Consider how you make decisions in a restaurant – beyond basic descriptions of a dish, how often do you want what the table next to you is having, without having even tried it?

Whether on magazines or social media channels, pictures alone can help to communicate your brand’s personality. Seeing a picture of beautiful food can give the consumer ideas about the atmosphere, quality of the food, and the immense care taken into preparing particular dishes. In other cases, the picture will simply be more memorable than a description and has a greater impact on return visits for restaurants.

In the food industry, your pictures will become your main marketing and advertising tools. At FUZE Reps, we excel in food photography and digital content, and our work can be seen across multiple platforms for a variety of brands and publications.

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Photography by Arash Moallemi

With many new channels to consume media (both digital and physical), audiences have been stricken with advertising “noise”, wherein the huge quantities of content being delivered lowers advertising effectiveness across the board. As a result, the best way to raise brand awareness is no longer simply through effective exposure and placement, but now more importantly through creative, high quality marketing content that both stands out and resonates with consumers. Your marketing success depends on strong content that focuses on creativity to connect and communicate your business with the audience. As a result, companies that have succeeded in developing their branding know the value of marketing and investing in high-quality creative advertising.

When broken down to cost-per-click, average viewership, and other metrics, advertising is regularly relegated as an expense as part of the costs of a product. However, with premium creative content both advertising a product and representing the values of your brand, that content should be considered an investment in the future of your business.

Photography by Jim Norton

Branding marketing and advertising are regularly treated interchangeably – however, they act as distinct entities that are uniquely interconnected. While advertising refers to the messaging to promote a product, branding is what the consumers think of your business as they interact with your content. As a result, creative advertising is a driving force in both advertising and branding. Creative content helps to shape ideas around your business and is most effective when forging an emotional connection.

Studies show that approximately 50% of the effectiveness of an ad is due to the creativity behind the advertisement. As a result, creative content will separate your brand from others and will allow you to create a more effective connection with your audience, bringing in more revenue in the long run.

When looking for creative advertising, you will always have options. A good option will give you the simple messaging, professional connection, and a standard call-to-action. A better option will provide all of the above, but will be formed around a more advanced concept, which might involve sophisticated graphics, professional audio or video production, and other improvements. However, the best option includes all of that, but with emotionally engaging concepts, a fleshed out idea for a campaign, and of course, intriguing content that helps to build your brand.


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One of the best and most measurable ways to get across your message in today’s digital landscape is to create multimedia content for your customers. Not only do you need to use appropriate content to fill out your digital presence, it also needs to stand above what is created by your competitors. Multimedia content can bring your branding and advertising up to a new level so that consumers not only become aware of your company but  remember it as well.

Putting The “Multi” Into Multimedia

Send out your branding and marketing messages through a variety of mediums, rather than just magazine spots or even Facebook advertising, will help to capture your audience’s attention at many points in their everyday life. While all target markets are different, individuals in every demographic learn a different way – while some people can fully understand message displayed only in text, others require visual elements in formats they are more comfortable with.

More and more people are consuming media at an increasing rate and it’s estimated that the average consumer views some form of media for 12 hours a day. With people preferring different types of viewing content, the best way for you to reach the masses is to distribute and communicate your message using different types of media. This way, your audience will be able to see your content in the medium they are most receptive to. Rich content such as photography informative videos can be used and modified for a variety of settings in an engaging fashion.

Brand Awareness

Studies have shown that most people can recall very few brands at a time. However, with effective brand positioning, you can quickly communicate your business’ product or relation to a certain concept. You can either be positioned on a broader scale, or narrow down and hone your message as your brand awareness grows. For example, if you think of ‘laptops’ there will be a few certain brands that come immediately to mind (e.g. Apple, Microsoft, HP) – these brands have positioned themselves as multi-purpose through effective imagery, advertising and of course, product features. However, if you think of ‘the best laptops for gaming’, other brands of laptops probably come to mind first such as Alienware, MSI, or Acer – these brands use extensive gaming-related imagery and messaging, from flashing light swords to gaming partnerships.

Brand positioning gives you an anchor point in the minds of consumers. This gives you leverage over the competition and you can build on this by using multimedia content for your website, your advertising and for your social media networks.

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We’re almost out of the woods now, but January-February… heck, winter in Toronto this past season was a blur of frozen tears and and whiplash from icy streets. In the last couple of years we did hats and bags with bits of our logo, but this time we went the whole hog! See below for our heathery grey unisex hooded sweatshirt, screenprinted with lines that were an abstract of our “FUZE” logo font (which was also present in our black baseball caps from last year). It’s also lined in a soft fuzzy fleece, designed to keep you cozy whether it’s subzero from the weather or from that broken air-conditioning unit.

Although we designed them for ourselves, the response was so overwhelming we expanded production! We decided to give them as a token of thank you to the community that has supported our talented photographers and hard working producers in the past year. Here’s a tiny sample of the incredible partners who have collaborated with us, celebrated with us, and definitely shed a few tears in getting out memorable campaigns in the past year.


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Fuze 2018 Hoodie

FUZE 2018 hoodie