throwing it waaayy back – when we were young!

Some things just don’t change. Here’s the FUZE crew in all their innocence!

“My mother loved dressing me up. I must be around 3 years old there.  I’m the eldest so I got all of it! ” – Daniela

Daniela tbt

“Gotta love that classic grade school background. Solid sweater and frizzy perm courtesy of 1991. Definitely remember those sweet semi-rimless frames.” – Amanda

amanda tbt


“This is my JK photo. Umm, someone call production to fix that collar!” Nicole, you haven’t changed a bit! (Nicole’s tip for baby-perfect skin: “don’t use soap on the face”)

Nicole tbt


“I don’t remember the tiger but I loved this dress! And lace ankle socks with leatherette moccasins. Am I back on trend yet?!” – Chin



  1. January 26, 2016 / 4:48 pm

    OMG so cute! What an adorable post. That tiger is huge! I had a doll that was as tall as I was, its claim to fame was that it could walk just holding my hand and it had real hair. It’s a wonder I wasn’t TERRIFIED of it.

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