Norton Studio : New website!

You might know Jim Norton from his lengthy career in food and habitat photography, but the 6’1″ photographer has his roots in travel photography (his studio walls are covered in Icelandic and African landscapes and animal portraits).

To this date, Jim still draws inspiration from distant places, and infusing it into his studio work at home. Jim Norton Photo launched this week, and showcases new ways to get around online and how his travel aesthetic continues the story into his commercial work.

Many thanks to Evonne Bellefleur for the details! See for more.

In regards to the style of the new site:

“We wanted to stay simple. A photography site should really showcase the quality of the image – so we did not want to overpopulate and chose to show some of Jim’s best work”


New navigation:

“To give people the option to easily scan images or discover images more in-depth. The new sections and thumbnails hopefully make the experience more interactive.”


Choice of images/content:

“We chose to show the strongest images over the breadth of Jim’s work, and definitely leaned more so towards the creatives. Jim travels a lot, and in some ways, thats his creative, where he can explore and break out of the box. We do have commercial work online as well, but we may showcase images that were not necessarily the final selects. You’ll see natural lines in landscapes, graphic textures, dark and moody studio work and also his exploration into the simple and curated space. Jim’s really open to new expressions and this site is more of an inspiration board for ourselves and maybe others.”



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