See how the IKEA MarketHall stop motion was made!

IKEA Canada brings in a different perspective for the 2016/2017 #IKEAMarketHall campaign. Arash Moallemi shot the following stop motion and stills for digital as well as out of home use. We asked Arash for his take, working on such a unique set:



Q: Wow Arash, how long did this take?

A: My part was about 2 days, although a full build at my studio had already started before hand. We spent the morning of the first day getting the cameras in position and then lighting for Set One. Next, Sonia our prop stylist, took over and started dressing the set and we worked on finalizing the propping.

Q: You’ve done a number of architectural spaces over the years, how did this shoot compare?

A: I’ve shot a lot of room sets before, but this was the first we did with such a forced perspective from above. It was a very technically challenging shoot as the lighting had to make sense, particularly since it is not a traditional room, so there was no pre-established template of how it would be lit.

Also, once we set up the cameras we had no access to them as they were 30 feet above the set. It’s interesting as a photographer to do a 2 day shoot and not look through or hold a camera for 2 days.


See the time-lapse of both shoots going at the same time:


Behind the scenes stills:
Arash IKEA market Hall BTS
Arash IKEA market Hall BTS

The floor sticker:

IKEA Market Hall Arash Moallemi

And here’s the rest of the stop motion series:




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