Cruising Newfoundland with Sandy and Le Cresuet!

So THAT’S why Sandy Nicholson was in Brigus, Newfoundland in September – Le Creuset Canada! For the global launch of “Oyster“, a new warm grey colour created by the Canadian team at Le Creuset, Sandy Nicholson and his team went east and took an iconic kitchenware brand to the people who really use it.

Some shots were taken at Mallard’s Cottage in Quiddi Vidi, Nfld, which uses Le Cresset for all of the dishes and cookware.

True to his exploratory nature, Sandy went on sea kayak to explore the tiny inlets. Some of these shots ended up being part of the final story:

Coming very soon…

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Possibly inspired by the fishermen he had been filming, this was a little makeshift dinner on the beach with wild mussels.

….. and other sights and sounds from visiting this dreamy little town. They have deep fried Mars bars!

Obligatory Atlantic beach shot.

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