Actinolite Restaurant- Canada’s Top 100 + Chuck & Danny’s Road Trip premiere!

For those who love food but want to explore a little, who have ‘”done” the comfort food train for long enough and crave fresh vistas of experience, Actinolite is probably your next stop. Hello… kale sorbet?

It might sound left field, but Actinolite‘s menu is simply field-based. Led by chef Justin Cournoyer, the curated, ever-changing menus focus entirely on local, sustainable ingredients and foraging the fields around the actual town of Actinolite. Photographers Arash Moallemi and Jim Norton has been following one of Canada’s Top 100 restaurants since its inception. See below for images of the restaurant and its menu, to be featured on tonight’s premiere of Chuck & Danny’s Road Trip on Food Network Canada!


Foraging outside Actinolite, Ontario

Photo credit: Arash Moallemi


The restaurant at Dupont/Ossington
Actinolite shot by Arash Moallemi

Photo credit: Arash Moallemi

Actinolite Inside Arash Moallemi

Photo credit: Arash Moallemi

Actinolite Flour Jim Norton

Photo credit: Jim Norton

Actinolite Kitchen Jim Norton

Photo credit: Jim Norton


Last words

Arash Moallemi: The menu might not be for everyone, but the curating is amazing. One dish leads to another perfectly. I find myself thinking about it a week later – it inspires my work even. The dedication to bringing out the best in an ingredient’s essence, that was at the back of my mind when I was shooting the next round of IKEA products. How do I really bring out that knife or cheese grater? It is all about doing simple, well.


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