Why You Need To Provide Multimedia Content For Your Customers

One of the best and most measurable ways to get across your message in today’s digital landscape is to create multimedia content for your customers. Not only do you need to use appropriate content to fill out your digital presence, it also needs to stand above what is created by your competitors. Multimedia content can bring your branding and advertising up to a new level so that consumers not only become aware of your company but  remember it as well.

Putting The “Multi” Into Multimedia

Send out your branding and marketing messages through a variety of mediums, rather than just magazine spots or even Facebook advertising, will help to capture your audience’s attention at many points in their everyday life. While all target markets are different, individuals in every demographic learn a different way – while some people can fully understand message displayed only in text, others require visual elements in formats they are more comfortable with.

More and more people are consuming media at an increasing rate and it’s estimated that the average consumer views some form of media for 12 hours a day. With people preferring different types of viewing content, the best way for you to reach the masses is to distribute and communicate your message using different types of media. This way, your audience will be able to see your content in the medium they are most receptive to. Rich content such as photography informative videos can be used and modified for a variety of settings in an engaging fashion.

Brand Awareness

Studies have shown that most people can recall very few brands at a time. However, with effective brand positioning, you can quickly communicate your business’ product or relation to a certain concept. You can either be positioned on a broader scale, or narrow down and hone your message as your brand awareness grows. For example, if you think of ‘laptops’ there will be a few certain brands that come immediately to mind (e.g. Apple, Microsoft, HP) – these brands have positioned themselves as multi-purpose through effective imagery, advertising and of course, product features. However, if you think of ‘the best laptops for gaming’, other brands of laptops probably come to mind first such as Alienware, MSI, or Acer – these brands use extensive gaming-related imagery and messaging, from flashing light swords to gaming partnerships.

Brand positioning gives you an anchor point in the minds of consumers. This gives you leverage over the competition and you can build on this by using multimedia content for your website, your advertising and for your social media networks.

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