Why You Should Invest in Premium Advertising Content

Photography by Arash Moallemi

With many new channels to consume media (both digital and physical), audiences have been stricken with advertising “noise”, wherein the huge quantities of content being delivered lowers advertising effectiveness across the board. As a result, the best way to raise brand awareness is no longer simply through effective exposure and placement, but now more importantly through creative, high quality marketing content that both stands out and resonates with consumers. Your marketing success depends on strong content that focuses on creativity to connect and communicate your business with the audience. As a result, companies that have succeeded in developing their branding know the value of marketing and investing in high-quality creative advertising.

When broken down to cost-per-click, average viewership, and other metrics, advertising is regularly relegated as an expense as part of the costs of a product. However, with premium creative content both advertising a product and representing the values of your brand, that content should be considered an investment in the future of your business.

Photography by Jim Norton

Branding marketing and advertising are regularly treated interchangeably – however, they act as distinct entities that are uniquely interconnected. While advertising refers to the messaging to promote a product, branding is what the consumers think of your business as they interact with your content. As a result, creative advertising is a driving force in both advertising and branding. Creative content helps to shape ideas around your business and is most effective when forging an emotional connection.

Studies show that approximately 50% of the effectiveness of an ad is due to the creativity behind the advertisement. As a result, creative content will separate your brand from others and will allow you to create a more effective connection with your audience, bringing in more revenue in the long run.

When looking for creative advertising, you will always have options. A good option will give you the simple messaging, professional connection, and a standard call-to-action. A better option will provide all of the above, but will be formed around a more advanced concept, which might involve sophisticated graphics, professional audio or video production, and other improvements. However, the best option includes all of that, but with emotionally engaging concepts, a fleshed out idea for a campaign, and of course, intriguing content that helps to build your brand.


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