Why Photography Is Integral For Food

More so than ever before, food photography has become an immensely popular trend found across social media, from amateurs to seasoned professionals alike. Common Instagram trends range from selfies with giant ice cream cones to carefully positioned flatlays of restaurant dishes. Food has always been something that brings people together, and now with the Internet, you can at least share an image of it.

However, while individuals can get away with iPhone photos, to stand out as a food business you must make sure the food you are offering is photographed by a professional. While taste is the idea that attracts consumers, proper expression of that taste in a visual format (e.g. the butter on a lobster, the freshness of a tomato) is highly influential and grabs peoples’ attention within seconds. Consider how you make decisions in a restaurant – beyond basic descriptions of a dish, how often do you want what the table next to you is having, without having even tried it?

Whether on magazines or social media channels, pictures alone can help to communicate your brand’s personality. Seeing a picture of beautiful food can give the consumer ideas about the atmosphere, quality of the food, and the immense care taken into preparing particular dishes. In other cases, the picture will simply be more memorable than a description and has a greater impact on return visits for restaurants.

In the food industry, your pictures will become your main marketing and advertising tools. At FUZE Reps, we excel in food photography and digital content, and our work can be seen across multiple platforms for a variety of brands and publications.

Fuze Reps provides the top Toronto talent in photography, CGI and digital content. Contact us today to bring your campaign to life.

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