In partnership with Carriage House Birth and the Empowered Birth Project, Toronto intimates company Knix is revealing a new project that brings light to women’s birth and postpartum journey.

Opening in Toronto on Wednesday, the Life After Birth Project is a travelling gallery highlighting women’s stories that honour their transformative birthing experiences. Featuring work from lifestyle photographer Genevieve Charbonneau, the exhibit features stories from 250 women who boldly shared their stories after giving birth, including celebrities Amy Schumer, Jemima Kirke, Jillian Harris and Ricki Lake, as well as the CEO of Knix, Joanna Griffiths.

Knix CEO, Joanna Griffiths, posing with photography from Genevieve Charbonneau

The gallery focuses on rare-sighted depictions of postpartum bodies – with mothers caring for their babies or posing alone, showing their stretch marks, scars, or loose skin. In an interview with Refinery29, Joanna a new message for moms: “You are perfect as you, you are supported, and you are seen.”

The launch of the Life After Birth project tour arrived in tandem with the release of Knix’s Leakproof Nursing Bra and maternity collection. The gallery will be open to the Toronto public at 630 Queen St West from September 18th to the 25th.

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We’re barely into February 2018, and, McDonald’s Canada just dropped one of the most creative and successful ad campaigns of the year!

Big Mac in Canada turns 50 this year, and to help celebrate this icon of fast food with a new twist, we worked with Cossette Toronto and McDonald’s Canada to bring back the Big Mac Bacon as a limited menu item.

To generate curiosity and anticipation across the country, unbranded billboards with Carlyle Routh’s photography just had a date and a logo – “BMxB”. Though ambiguous, the stylish black and white images were a clear nod towards the world of fashion. Furthermore, the photos were supported by cryptic videos which ran during the broadcast of the Grammy’s last Sunday, with an Anna Wintour-esque personality promising “a collaboration” and “the combination of two greats.” The “x” had a whiff of creative collaboration, de rigueur in today’s music, giving rise to wild speculations from a Bruno Mars x Beyonce collaboration to a new clothing line for Drake.

McDonalds Canada BMxB Carlyle Routh

Photo Credit: Carlyle Routh

McDonalds Canada BMxB Carlyle Routh

Photo Credit: Carlyle Routh

On 30th January, the ads were revealed to show that “BMxB” in fact stood for “Big Mac x Bacon” and Carlyle Routh’s  photos un-cropped to show each of the models holding the burger of honour! The images were also used in a BMxB playlist on Spotify just in case you needed a McD-approved soundtrack while going to your favourite golden arches restaurant.

McDonalds Canada BMxB Carlyle Routh

Photo Credit: Carlyle Routh

McDonalds Canada BMxB Carlyle Routh

Photo Credit: Carlyle Routh

Beyond the brilliant photography of Carlyle Routh, FUZE Reps was proud to be responsible for the production of this photoshoot and its details, from location scouting to casting. #fuzeproductions




“Instagram, or it didn’t happen!”

We love collaborating with fellow creatives to tell stories through the perfect image or video. But what happens behind the scenes, or fun creatives that pop up on the way to that final storyline… well it’s all on Instagram!


Hamin Lee Photography – Hamin has shot for Flare, Globe and Mail, Canadian Tire, Subaru and most recently, Chevrolet. See photographer selects and behind the scenes on @hamin.leephotography .


Adrian Armstrong Photography Inc. – Adrian’s still life has been shown in Holt Renfrew, Hudson’s Bay, Sharp Magazine and most recently, Budweiser. His Instagram shows fun GIFs from set, photographer selects and other passion projects such as Giants of Africa.


Pierre Bourjo – FUZE’s CGI artist is a lightweight on Instagram, but he’s forgiven for turning work out on a dime, creating work for Netflix, Ford, Disney, Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate and various alcohol beverages. For a sense of his aesthetic, check out his ‘Nasty” ice cream on Instagram.

Fully CGI #nastycone #cgi #3d #illustration #icecream

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Fiocca Studio – Rob Fiocca’s studio is the home of moody, cinematic food and lifestyle images, but the studio Instagram features light moments with creative talents and travel moments when working on location. Fiocca Studio has shot for Kraft, Interac, Food & Drink Magazine and Elle Decor.


Krug Studios – Steve Krug’s studio account experiments with GIFs, cinemagraphs, short videos and lots of bread. The only bread-baking photography studio that we know of, recently shot for Keilhauer Design and South St. Burger.


Arash Moallemi – Arash’s helicopter license and eye for technical details belies his love for food and colour. Check out his Instagram for on location shots of behind the scenes, teasers for new work and his camera set ups for the various photography challenges he faces.


Sandy Nicholson Photo – Sandy Nicholson has just released a series of “Accidental Camouflage” images, marrying his eye for spontaneous moments with the environment. Aside from his commercial work, notably McCain Foods, Le Creuset and President’s Choice, Sandy is currently working on a creative series with winter surfing (see image link below).


Noguchi Studio – Vincent Noguchi’s cozy studio is the star of the this work account, where local stylists and fresh ingredients often get together to create stunning work. Final images from various campaigns also pepper this feed, which is Noguchi Studio’s primary social media account.


Norton Studio – All you lovers of Iceland, this is where to gather! Jim Norton’s love for travel is clearly on display here, especially his favourite destination Iceland. Follow along for casual takes on food shoots, the beloved studio dogs Falki and Jiggs and lots of travel photography.


Carlyle Routh – Carlyle’s Instagram account features her favourite outtakes from her latest fashion and beauty shoots, such as Fortnight Label and One Magazine. Updated daily, its all eye candy here with gorgeous models and interesting angles abound.


Maya_V_Photo – Maya Visnyei shoots food primarily, but her Instagram feed will show she loves natural light and accidental patterns just as much. Check her feed for drool worthy food shots and and pretty micro-moments.

National Pie Day, eh???

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UPDATE: Get In Line wins for Best Beauty Shoot 2016!


Original post on 27 Oct 2016

The Annual P&G Beauty Awards Finalists are out! Stoked our girl Carlyle Routh is mentioned for Globe & Mail Globe Style’s Think Ink, as well as S/Style’s Get In Line. Winners announced November 22 2016.

For Best Feature: Globe & Mail, Globe Style, Think Ink


For Best Beauty Shoot: S/Style Magazine, Get In Line

get_in_line-1 carlyle routh get_in_line-2 carlyle routh get_in_line-3 carlyle routh

For more of Carlyle’s Beauty work, check this out. And to see more of the photographer behind the lens, see her wonderful interview with S/Style Magazine!

What a blast! The Advertising & Design Club of Canada had its annual do at Koerner Hall, doling out awards at the industry’s version of the Oscars. Here’s a list of campaigns we were grateful to have worked on:

“Printed By Somerset” – Leo Burnett Toronto wins Gold in Graphic Design and Interactive Advertising. The client was Printed By Somerset. Video and part photography by Arash Moallemi.


“Smith Brunch Menu” – Leo Burnett Toronto wins Gold for Graphic Design. The client was Smith Restaurant. Images shot by Arash Moallemi.

Arash Smith Restaurant ADCC Arash Smith Restaurant ADCC Arash Smith Restaurant ADCC Arash Smith Restaurant ADCC

“A Bottle of Sunshine” – Leo Burnett Toronto wins Silver for Package Design. The client was Yellow Pages. Lemonade bottle shot by Adrian Armstrong

AA Lemonade Stand Yellow Pages ADCC


“Hot Fuzz” – Carlyle Routh wins Merit for Photography & Illustration in Editorial Photography for her work in The Globe & Mail.

CR Globe style ADCC

CR Globe style ADCC
CR Globe style ADCC



“Pavlova Series” – Rob Fiocca wins Merit for Photography & Illustration in Unpublished Photography.

RF Pavlova ADCC
RF Pavlova ADCC