For those who love food but want to explore a little, who have ‘”done” the comfort food train for long enough and crave fresh vistas of experience, Actinolite is probably your next stop. Hello… kale sorbet?

It might sound left field, but Actinolite‘s menu is simply field-based. Led by chef Justin Cournoyer, the curated, ever-changing menus focus entirely on local, sustainable ingredients and foraging the fields around the actual town of Actinolite. Photographers Arash Moallemi and Jim Norton has been following one of Canada’s Top 100 restaurants since its inception. See below for images of the restaurant and its menu, to be featured on tonight’s premiere of Chuck & Danny’s Road Trip on Food Network Canada!


Foraging outside Actinolite, Ontario

Photo credit: Arash Moallemi


The restaurant at Dupont/Ossington
Actinolite shot by Arash Moallemi

Photo credit: Arash Moallemi

Actinolite Inside Arash Moallemi

Photo credit: Arash Moallemi

Actinolite Flour Jim Norton

Photo credit: Jim Norton

Actinolite Kitchen Jim Norton

Photo credit: Jim Norton


Last words

Arash Moallemi: The menu might not be for everyone, but the curating is amazing. One dish leads to another perfectly. I find myself thinking about it a week later – it inspires my work even. The dedication to bringing out the best in an ingredient’s essence, that was at the back of my mind when I was shooting the next round of IKEA products. How do I really bring out that knife or cheese grater? It is all about doing simple, well.


“Instagram, or it didn’t happen!”

We love collaborating with fellow creatives to tell stories through the perfect image or video. But what happens behind the scenes, or fun creatives that pop up on the way to that final storyline… well it’s all on Instagram!


Hamin Lee Photography – Hamin has shot for Flare, Globe and Mail, Canadian Tire, Subaru and most recently, Chevrolet. See photographer selects and behind the scenes on @hamin.leephotography .


Adrian Armstrong Photography Inc. – Adrian’s still life has been shown in Holt Renfrew, Hudson’s Bay, Sharp Magazine and most recently, Budweiser. His Instagram shows fun GIFs from set, photographer selects and other passion projects such as Giants of Africa.


Pierre Bourjo – FUZE’s CGI artist is a lightweight on Instagram, but he’s forgiven for turning work out on a dime, creating work for Netflix, Ford, Disney, Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate and various alcohol beverages. For a sense of his aesthetic, check out his ‘Nasty” ice cream on Instagram.

Fully CGI #nastycone #cgi #3d #illustration #icecream

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Fiocca Studio – Rob Fiocca’s studio is the home of moody, cinematic food and lifestyle images, but the studio Instagram features light moments with creative talents and travel moments when working on location. Fiocca Studio has shot for Kraft, Interac, Food & Drink Magazine and Elle Decor.


Krug Studios – Steve Krug’s studio account experiments with GIFs, cinemagraphs, short videos and lots of bread. The only bread-baking photography studio that we know of, recently shot for Keilhauer Design and South St. Burger.


Arash Moallemi – Arash’s helicopter license and eye for technical details belies his love for food and colour. Check out his Instagram for on location shots of behind the scenes, teasers for new work and his camera set ups for the various photography challenges he faces.


Sandy Nicholson Photo – Sandy Nicholson has just released a series of “Accidental Camouflage” images, marrying his eye for spontaneous moments with the environment. Aside from his commercial work, notably McCain Foods, Le Creuset and President’s Choice, Sandy is currently working on a creative series with winter surfing (see image link below).


Noguchi Studio – Vincent Noguchi’s cozy studio is the star of the this work account, where local stylists and fresh ingredients often get together to create stunning work. Final images from various campaigns also pepper this feed, which is Noguchi Studio’s primary social media account.


Norton Studio – All you lovers of Iceland, this is where to gather! Jim Norton’s love for travel is clearly on display here, especially his favourite destination Iceland. Follow along for casual takes on food shoots, the beloved studio dogs Falki and Jiggs and lots of travel photography.


Carlyle Routh – Carlyle’s Instagram account features her favourite outtakes from her latest fashion and beauty shoots, such as Fortnight Label and One Magazine. Updated daily, its all eye candy here with gorgeous models and interesting angles abound.


Maya_V_Photo – Maya Visnyei shoots food primarily, but her Instagram feed will show she loves natural light and accidental patterns just as much. Check her feed for drool worthy food shots and and pretty micro-moments.

National Pie Day, eh???

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It’s been a hot & sweaty Toronto summer and we can’t wait for the fresh crisp days of fall! A few of our photographers tell us their favourite thing about this seasonal change and share an image or two (or 4!).


Vince Noguchi: I love fall! Not sure why though, maybe it’s all the harvest and feeling of abundance. I love the marked change with the leaves turning and the catching a whiff of someone with a fireplace.

I think I like bundling up too – putting on a warm sweater makes me feel cozy.


Adrian Armstrong: Baseball playoffs, football is back and the start of the NBA season!!! Also nice to wear something other than shorts and a tee shirt 🙂 (See Adrian’s work for Giants of Africa, profiled in Sharp Magazine, Globe and Mail and here)


Hamin Lee: well, Fall is definitely an awesome season because the kids are back in school (yay!), cooler temps prevail, there are no bugs, no humidity, and the colours are so spectacular.

Fun fact: Talk to Hamin about his Harley!


Steve Krug: This video says it all…

Jim Norton: One of the things I love most about fall is how things become quiet again. It’s one of the most beautiful times to get out and explore.
Here, fall has arrived and the pools now are empty until next summer….this ‘pool’ is on the northern coast of Brittany (Bretagne) in St.Malo. (To see more of Jim’s travels, see his site)
Jim Norton Fall St Malo


Arash Moallemi: Fall is one of my favourite seasons, I love going to markets and farms and gathering the latest harvest.

I’m always pumped to cook, it always feels like fall has an abundance of great ingredients.
Always look forward to Thanksgiving, such a great time with family. (Bucket list, I want tot deep fry a turkey one day)
The colours are beautiful and at time surreal. I like the cooler mornings, I even like the rainy, foggy mornings, there is so much mood and possibility.

BANG 4 was a blast! Thank you to all who made this a great night. To tag your friends, check out the BANG 4 album on Facebook.


Propping by Catherine Doherty

Photos by James Kachan


You might know Jim Norton from his lengthy career in food and habitat photography, but the 6’1″ photographer has his roots in travel photography (his studio walls are covered in Icelandic and African landscapes and animal portraits).

To this date, Jim still draws inspiration from distant places, and infusing it into his studio work at home. Jim Norton Photo launched this week, and showcases new ways to get around online and how his travel aesthetic continues the story into his commercial work.

Many thanks to Evonne Bellefleur for the details! See for more.

In regards to the style of the new site:

“We wanted to stay simple. A photography site should really showcase the quality of the image – so we did not want to overpopulate and chose to show some of Jim’s best work”


New navigation:

“To give people the option to easily scan images or discover images more in-depth. The new sections and thumbnails hopefully make the experience more interactive.”


Choice of images/content:

“We chose to show the strongest images over the breadth of Jim’s work, and definitely leaned more so towards the creatives. Jim travels a lot, and in some ways, thats his creative, where he can explore and break out of the box. We do have commercial work online as well, but we may showcase images that were not necessarily the final selects. You’ll see natural lines in landscapes, graphic textures, dark and moody studio work and also his exploration into the simple and curated space. Jim’s really open to new expressions and this site is more of an inspiration board for ourselves and maybe others.”