We’re barely into February 2018, and, McDonald’s Canada just dropped one of the most creative and successful ad campaigns of the year!

Big Mac in Canada turns 50 this year, and to help celebrate this icon of fast food with a new twist, we worked with Cossette Toronto and McDonald’s Canada to bring back the Big Mac Bacon as a limited menu item.

To generate curiosity and anticipation across the country, unbranded billboards with Carlyle Routh’s photography just had a date and a logo – “BMxB”. Though ambiguous, the stylish black and white images were a clear nod towards the world of fashion. Furthermore, the photos were supported by cryptic videos which ran during the broadcast of the Grammy’s last Sunday, with an Anna Wintour-esque personality promising “a collaboration” and “the combination of two greats.” The “x” had a whiff of creative collaboration, de rigueur in today’s music, giving rise to wild speculations from a Bruno Mars x Beyonce collaboration to a new clothing line for Drake.

McDonalds Canada BMxB Carlyle Routh

Photo Credit: Carlyle Routh


McDonalds Canada BMxB Carlyle Routh

Photo Credit: Carlyle Routh



On 30th January, the ads were revealed to show that “BMxB” in fact stood for “Big Mac x Bacon” and Carlyle Routh’s  photos un-cropped to show each of the models holding the burger of honour! The images were also used in a BMxB playlist on Spotify just in case you needed a McD-approved soundtrack while going to your favourite golden arches restaurant.

McDonalds Canada BMxB Carlyle Routh

Photo Credit: Carlyle Routh


McDonalds Canada BMxB Carlyle Routh

Photo Credit: Carlyle Routh


Beyond the brilliant photography of Carlyle Routh, FUZE Reps was proud to be responsible for the production of this photoshoot and its details, from location scouting to casting. #fuzeproductions




From all of us at FUZE, here’s to wishing you a warm and plentiful holiday season! This year, in lieu of gifts we have donated to The Stop Community Food Centre. Stop motion directed in-house, created by Krug Studios 

We will be closed from Saturday 23rd December 2017 to 7th January 2018. See you in the new year!



Congratulations to the team at The Kit (Laura DeCarufel, Jessica Hotson, Rani Sheen, Sonya Van Heyningen, Kristy Wright) and our Hamin Lee for snagging the Best Beauty Still Life for 2017!


Hamin Lee and his studio have always a wide range of work, from lifestyle to automobiles, but it is the colourful, abstract still life and off-figure work that are the most eye-catching and memorable. See below for the winning, super detailed set, featuring travel minis in “Beautify in Palm Springs“.



A month ago, Sandy Nicholson harvested his first batch of honey. The professional photographer had started his journey early this year, building his aviary on a Toronto city rooftop and creating a hub for 100,000 bees.

With his penchant for connecting with people, it was no surprise to us that he collaborated with neighbourhood nano brewery LayLow, to create a special edition honey amber ale with part of his first batch. This labour of love, named “Mariah” after the 90s diva Mariah Carey with her “Honey” hit classic, was celebrated with a 2 week pop-up exhibit of the urban bee keeping and brewing process.

We asked Sandy a couple of questions below; and for more on the bee-keeping process see Sandy’s Bee Gallery.


Q: How would someone describe your “Honey” beer profile?

A: It’s an Honey Amber Ale (not enough bitterness to be considered an IPA, as I didn’t want the hops to distract from the character of the honey). There isn’t really a name for the style (technically it’s a Specialty Ale), but I would not say IPA.


Q: We’re curious – how many bees produced 1kg of honey? For this one keg? 

A: Lots! I stoped counting them at 1000… there are between 10,000 to 60,000 honey bees in the hive. In order to produce 1 pound of honey, 2 million flowers must be visited. A hive of bees must fly 55,000 miles to produce a pound of honey. One bee colony can produce 60 to 100 pounds of honey per year. An average worker bee makes only about 1/12 teaspoon of honey in its lifetime.


Q: Surprising things you learned as an urban beekeeper? 

A: Bee keeping is an amazing way to meditate while moving. You have to focus really focus or you will get stung. The bees learn to reconize you and stay calm if you do. People who are afraid of the bees get stung by the bees. So its a Zen thing. The hive is warm inside and when you put your hands in it like reaching inside a living animal.


Q: What happens after your harvest?

A: Winter is coming! We are tucking them into a bee cosy for a long rest until Spring, then we will be back at it.



Nothing sets the feel of a good shoot- heck, even just to start the day – than a good tune or two. In no order and running the gamut of genres (we’re only missing EDM), here are some of our favourite tunes #summer2017 getting us through this crazy weather. What are you listening to? Let us know in the comments below!


1. All We Got / Chance The Rapper

2. Fan the Flames / Gregory Porter (requires Spotify account)
3. Tennessee Whiskey / Chris Stapleton

4. Feels / Calvin Harris (feat. Pharrell Williams, Katy Perry & Big Sean)

5. Summer Time – DJ Jazzy Jeff + Fresh Prince

6. Cruel Summer / Bananarama

7. Club Tropicana / Wham

8. Don’t Stop Me Now / Queen

9. I Want to Conquer the World / Bad Religion

10. WannaBe in LA / Eagles of Death Metal

11. More than a Feeling / Boston

12. Superfreak / Rick James

13.  No Ordinary Love / Sade

14. Sexual Healing / Marvin Gaye

15. Train Song / Vashti Bunyan

16.Générique / Miles Davis (Ascenseur pour l’échafaud OST)

17. Live and Learn / Joe Public